Music Plus for Google Play Music

Music Plus adds controls, notifications, support, global keyboard shortcuts, and lyrics to Google Play Music.

Note: You need to have a Google Play Music account to use this extension. Currently Google Play Music is in beta and only available in the United States. If you're not seeing an enabled feature in your Google Play Music tab, try refreshing your Google Play Music tab.


Most features can be enabled or disabled in the extension options. They include:

The extension does not collect any information, but requires access to your other tabs and browser history for functionality.

This extension is made from a combination of scripts I wrote and userscripts written by others. If you'd like to help out by contributing a new feature or fixing bugs, you can fork the source on GitHub:

Author: Adam Pash

Music Plus for Google Play音乐

Music Plus会为 Google Play音乐添加控件,通知,Last.fm支持,全球键盘快捷键和歌词。

注意:您需要拥有Google Play音乐帐户才能使用此扩展程序。目前Google Play音乐是测试版,只能在美国使用。如果您在Google Play音乐标签中看不到启用的功能,请尝试刷新您的Google Play音乐标签。





作者:Adam Pash